Thursday, December 06, 2007


"How would you animate acid?"

This was how I was greeted when I met some colleagues after work. My first thoughts were of a green bubbling liquid in a glass jar with smoke rolling off top. However there was further clarification of "like in the 60s"

"Psychedelia" was my instant response and a chap from across the table followed quickly with a mention of the Beatles Yellow Submarine. After jokily suggesting that watching this from the third person would be a little boring, we discussed swirling colours and Alice in Wonderland before moving onto other topics such as why it was taking so long to get a beer and time travel.

One the way home I got thinking about animation of drug deduced psychedelia and thought of a curious but subdued character interacting with a blob like creature which I think I remember from the film Sphere and I also thought of surrealism /paranoia from the films eXistenZ and Videodrome both Directed by David Cronenberg. However I also remembered an excellent sequence from Disney's Dumbo, "Pink Elephants on Parade".

Pink Elephants on Parade

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FleaCircusDirector said...

Jamie and the magic torch was mention as an example of psychelic animation. Jamie had none of the side effects of psychotropic drugs so it is perhaps possible that he was suffering from sensory deprivation from being locked in his room for too long.