Friday, November 30, 2007

Music for Flea Circus

Whilst searching for fleas and circuses, I came across a synopsis for a schools musical called Circus Mystique. The website had some samples of the music which I listened to and liked the style of. So I wrote to them with some thoughts about how the flea film could use music.

The composer of Circus Mystique, Daniel Laubacher has agreed to look into some music for the flea circus film. He is enthusiastic about the challenge and is happy to work on the project.
Daniel Laubacher
Given that Daniel is Swiss, that makes the Flea Circus even more of an international collaboration, adding to the existing Scottish, French, Laotian and English voice actors and CGI modeller from Singapore and the US along with myself from the UK. This project is really demonstrating how the internet can be used for connecting people together from all walks of life.

Perhaps it's time to look into "Designing Sound for Animation" and see how we can best make use of sound to build the suspense and excitement of the different acts.

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