Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Danish Underpant Thieves and the book that was so good I bought it twice.

On one of my work trips to Copenhagen my bag was stuck in the airport handling system and I arrived at the hotel with nothing. I duely payed for a new pair which cost a fortune from the hotel reception and some body spray from the local convenience store. So the next day I left my old pair of pants in the room and headed off to work in the new pair. When I arrived back to the hotel I found the room was open and my old pants were gone. Despite various protests I did not get any refunds and my pants never arrived. Things were made worse by the fact that my new pants accidentally ended up on the expenses bill to the client.

On a separate occasion I was reading "Digital Lighting and Rendering" a top book from Jeremy Birn which not surprisingly is about Digital Lighting, and Rendering. I left this in the hotel room as it's quite heavy and I already had a laptop to carry. When I returned that evening it was gone. The hotel made some enquiries but non of cleaning staff turned out to be part time computer animators. They promised to send me a new copy. On another visit a few weeks later, I quizzed about progress and they denied all knowledge. So I shelled out for a new copy and since then it's been know as the book that was so good I bought it twice.

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