Monday, April 05, 2010

Carrara 8

Even though I've not yet moved to Carrara 7, those people over at DAZ3D have been working on a new version 8.

Carrara 8:

* Multi Threading
* FBX Export Updates
* COLLADA import/export Updates
* Multi Leaf Objects
* God Rays
* Barn Doors for Spotlights
* Puppeteer Animation Tool

Carrara 8 Pro:

* 64-bit versions for Mac and PC
* Edit Figure in Vertex Modeler without the need to Zero Figure
* Network Rendering Improvements
* Negative Lights
* IES Lighting
* Normal Maps
* Bullet Physics Engine - Rigid Body and Dynamic Cloth

There are also a few videos to demonstrate the features

Daz3D are also giving away a few copy as a prize in their Bullet Physics Competition