Friday, August 29, 2008

5th London International Animation Festival

Next week sees the start of the 5th London International Animation Festival. 220 films from 28 countries will be shown from 1st September till 7th at the Curzon Soho, the Renoir, the Horse Hospital and the Rio Cinema.

The full programme will contain sessions on Digital film, Puppet Films, Documentaries, British Films, International Films, Swiss Films and Abstract Films. In addition to all this will be Q & A sessions from special guests Jonathan Hodgson and Josh Raskin and even more. If previous years are anything to go by then this will be an excellent event. For those with time to spare you can save money by buying a festival pass.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

London In Motion

Forwarded press release

Do you have an interest in urban life and/or Eastern Europeans in

The ‘London in Motion’ project consists of two series of
extra-curricular documentary film workshops open to UCL postgraduate
students and staff as well as non-academics from the wider community.
Films completed during the course will be screened at the LIDF and the
Canary Wharf Film Festival in 2009.

The course is experimental in nature. It will provide access to the core
concepts of documentary filmmaking, as well as offering an opportunity
for content-rich insights from The Bartlett Faculty of the Built
Environment, the School of East European and Slavonic Studies, as well
as professional filmmakers. Key films and key texts will be viewed and

Students will be encouraged to use all forms of new visual media to tell
a contemporary London story. The challenge will be to see how film
enriches and provides research insights, while at the same time creating
new ways of experiencing that research. The course has been designed by

Applications are welcomed from postgraduate students and staff from UCL,
as well as non-academics in the wider London community who can
demonstrate an interest in either the theme of the built environment
and/or Eastern Europeans in London. The deadline to submit your
application is 1st September 2008. Please visit for more information.

‘London in Motion’ is a joint initiative between PocketVisions, School
of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies (SSEES), and the Bartlett
(Urban Film Society). It is funded by UCL Futures.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Midnight Movies at the Curzon Soho

The Curzon Soho is providing a sneak preview of the London International Animation Festival. Their Midnight Movies animation night is on Friday August 29th with two films and a very special surprise film introduced by special guest host: Nag Vladermersky (LIAF director).

The evening kicks off with a specially selected short film followed by an amazing animated feature. Choose between classic SciFi animation 'Fantastic Planet', the mesmerising award-winning sci-fi with sumptuous soundtrack, or 'Paprika', the 2006 anime from the director of Perfect Blue.

There will be a DJ in the pre-screening party from 9:30pm.

Curzon Midnight Movies Animation Night

Friday, August 15, 2008

Scripts, storyboarding and animatics

Fish from Morilyon animation has put together a great introduction to how to plan your animation. He covers everything from the initial idea or outline through scripting, storyboarding and animatics.

A very handy tool he mentions is Celtx which is a planning tool designed for films but can also be used for animations as Fish has done.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Soho Shorts Winners

The winners of the animation section of the Soho Shorts festival were:

1st place
Directed by: Joseph Pierce
National Film and Television School

2nd place
“The Control Master”
Directed by: Run Wrake
Sclah Films

3rd place
“Sony Bravia: Play Doh”
Directed by: Frank Budgen and Darren Walsh
Passion Pictures