Monday, June 18, 2007

3D World and Claymation Style

The August 2007 3D World Magazine has some interesting headline articles.
Chris Bullen looks at realistic interiors and Pete Draper returns to the badlands. But the one that will be making me get a copy is Matt Roussel's rendering technique to simulate clay. The turorial looks at both texturing and lighting this style using Cinema 4D. It will be interesting to see how it looks compaired to my attempts and programmes like the Island of Innis Cool.


FleaCircusDirector said...

Mr Roussel's style of illustration is not really true to claymation it's a little too smooth, it reminds me of the first toystory film. However getting an exact match was not really the point of his article. Matt and the other artists in this months magazine emphasises that you don't need to be generating all of end result in your 3D app. There are advantages of completing the effect in a graphics or compositing application. By taking this simpler style in the render Matt gains more artistic control over his compositions.

Kramer Klaymation said...

Sounds cool. What program are you using for your renderings?

FleaCircusDirector said...

I use the Carrara application, the Flea Circus Ring Master has gone through several iterations to get the right textures for the Flea film.