Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bryce 5.5 for Free

DAZ Productions are now giving away version 5.5 of the Environmental modelling software Bryce. They are also selling upgrades from 5.5 to version 6.1 at a price even lower than Bryce 1 was sold for back in the 1990s when I first saw Metacreations' software in a bargain bin at the back of PCWorld. The software has gone through a few changes since the earliest version, there are more presets, higher quality results, more sophisticate tools and now support for Daz Studio so you can import figures into your landscapes. If you find that there's anything that you can't do (or can't be bothered to do) in Bryce then you can always purchase one of the models from the extensive catalogue of objects, buildings, vehicles, animals, people and clothes that Daz3d have for sale.

Bryce 1

Bryce 6.1

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