Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Carrara 8.5

Not been active in the animation field for sometime now but I was taken by the statement "CMS Integration" on the promo for Carrara 8.5 and thought I'd have a quick look on their website.


There was not much there so I searched the DAZ forums.

Jon: "Does this allow me to go through my content and ‘tag’ each of my items with various keywords, so I can search by keyword and bring up all those items at once? If so, how do you ‘tag’ older content."

Admin: You’d need to use the Content Database Editor in DAZ Studio to tag your items

The general description of the content manager is as follows:

The DAZ Studio Content Manager provides the ability to place items into categories so that they can be more easily located. This database allows you to categorize all Poser and DAZ Studio content into one content listing and do a search for a particular item.

I also tracked down a couple of tutorial about adding Meta Data to your creations and a more general tutorial on content manager.

As far as I can tell this is not a colaborative style CMS. It does help you avoid duplicated content just to be able to categorise it with multiple tags so it should help with managing assets.

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