Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wire removal using travelling matt

Often in stop motion "wires" are used to allow models to complete jumping or other gravity defying moves. It is important to note that these are strong stiff wires that can support the model completely not suspended wires that would cause the model to sway about. Other tricks for cheating gravity are the use of glass sheets with items stuck to them (favourite for rain drops) or to rotate the whole set through 90deg and shoot vertically downwards.

When I made the Ratobat film, I manually painted out each of the "bridge" frames with a "clean image" background to complete the jump sequence. This was quite tedious even through there only about 25 frames for that sequence.

Kramer Klaymation this month has compiled a list of various techniques for removing wires (or other items) from your shot and has a video tutorial on using Open Source 3D software to create a travelling matt which replaces the wire with the clean shot. Some video editing software has the facility for adding drawings and hence can also use this kind of technique.

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