Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Making of Nightmare before Christmas

Although Tim Burton has been on the TV a lot for his Sweeny Todd claiming that it's his first musical, I'll always think of his classic stop motion animation Nightmare before Christmas as being his first.

I've recently discovered that there is a 3 part series of the making of available on

Part 1 Introduction by Tim Burton, Script, Music, Characters, Storyboards, Design
Part 2 Set Making, Lighting, Motion Control, Model Making, Acting / Animating
Part 3 Facial animation by head replacement, Lipsync, Special Effects, Compositing


Federico said...

Tim Burton is my favourite director and The nightmare before christmas is my favourite film!!!

nomdeguerre said...


tim burton didnt direct this movie.

@the owner of the blog:
links are dead, unfortunately!