Friday, May 04, 2007

Animation Tools Bundle

I've used Gif Construction Set some of my early animations and if you are creating things for deployment on the web then they are very suitable. The tools have gone through a few changes since I've used them last and now have the ability to export animations as GIF/MNG/AVI/MOV and now SWF. You can see some of their examples on their website. They have just sent a press release:

Press Release from Alchemy Mindworks

For a limited time, you can own
Alchemy Mindworks' suite of state-of-the-art animation tools at a substantial discount. Buy the Animation Tools Bundle and get:

  • GIF Construction Set Professional 3

  • PNG/MNG Construction Set

  • Animation Workshop

  • e-Paint

The Animation Tools Bundle will help you:
  • Build web page animations using the world's most popular animation package.

  • Modify existing animations to suite your requirements.

  • Create and maintain complex animated banners.

  • Access Alchemy Mindworks' suite of animation plugins (sold separately.)

  • Pre-process your digital photographs and other still graphics for use with animations.

Bought separately, these applications would cost $110.00. The Animation Tools Bundle is available for $79.99, a $30.00 saving.

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