Tuesday, August 15, 2006

5050 Zzzz

Olympus are suggesting that I give them £100 to fix the "known issue" with my 5050z media door because the item's out of warranty. My local repair shop is suggesting somewhere between £50 and £100. It looks like I'll have to manage without for a while unless anyone has a good idea that does not end up with the camera in a worst state.

Later this month is the London International Animation Festival which has a massive programme of films and is sponsored by several people including Tiger beer which sounds promising... Perhaps they would sponsor a remake of my beer film?

For those wanting to know how the Flea Film is going, well progress has been a little slow but there has been some thought into what is happening next. The current plan is to complete the Professor's explanationion sequence as a stand alone clip. I've also been looking at alternative video editing tools and a tool for making the wheels on the Ambulance work. The Ambulance sequence is likely to be the next completed segment.

The Wheels modifier for Carrara from Sparrow Hawke does a great job of steering and rotating the wheels but I expect that I will have supplementent it with the Cognito modifier (or hand animation) to make the vehicle wobble as it moves along.

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