Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rolling Eyes

The Ring Master Observes a jumping FleaAfter an evening of attempting to get my Ring Master's eyes to follow the jumping fleas, I think I've gone cross eyed myself. I've put the Ring Master on a diet too with his chunky hands slimming down a bit to help with the handling of the fleas.
The dreaded floor texture is on its latest iteration but I'm still not totally happy with it. The backdrop has been redone with new textures and a few lumps and bumps to make it look less artificial so I'm quite pleased with how that has turned out.

You can see the latest film at TheFleaFilm site along with an updated production plan

Over the last couple of months there was a great advert on the television. The "bag of smiles" advert for the National lottery brought smiles to the faces the viewers and to everyone in Marc Craste's fictitious world. Marc's film is enhanced by added grainyness and a fake film effect which is a nice touch as the music is A smile and a ribbon by Patience and Prudence who recorded this back in the 1950s. The exploding pillow is an amazing effect and the characters and sets are of a reminisant of Dr Zeus illustrations. Unfortunately the advert is no longer showing but you can Watch the advert at Visit4Info or at StudioAKA (follow the news links)

Other things to watch are the new DVDs available from BAA. The British Animation Awards new DVD is out volume 6 and is available from the Tate and shortly to be available on the website.


Everyone's favourite Czech Surealist Animator Jan Svankmajer has a showing of Little Otik at the Riverside studios Thursday 22nd June and I can recomend a visit.

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