Monday, February 28, 2011

The other Oscar Winners

Obviously there's been a lot of press about the Kings Speach and Colin Firth, but what about the Animation categories. Toy Story 3 got the animated feature award and again I'm sure there will be loads on that too. So what about the little films?

Short animated film winner goes to "The Lost Thing" a film about a boy who finds a steampunk style octopus and tries to find out where it's come from, unfortunately everyone else is disinterested.

It was for many an unexpected win with some big names such as Pixar with Night and Day and the Grufallo also being nominated. The film has previously won second place for best animated short at the Palm Springs Festival, however William Barton who saw the film at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival was unimpressed.

The Australian Animator Shaun Tan and British producer Andrew Ruhemann have created a wonderful film that brings life to Tan's story and illustrations.

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More about the men behind the Lost Thing.

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