Friday, June 05, 2009

How to Make Animated Films

A new animation book is due out later this month aiming to provide an apprenticeship in skills from the golden era of animation. How to Make Animated Films is a Complete Masterclass on the Traditional Principles of Animation and is written by teacher and animator Tony White.

Starting out with the basics of equipment and technical aspects like Dope Sheets, Light boxes and subtleties such as using top or bottom pegs. The books then discuses the timing aspects and movement arcs. Several chapters are dedicated to specific actions such as bouncing balls and walks and runs followed by more advanced techniques. The later chapters look at bringing this all together and it finishes with a look at the future of animation.

Book Chapters

Why this book?
First Principles
Bouncing Ball
Generic Walk
Personality Walks
Putting it all together
The future of animation

The book includes hands-on Tutorials, demonstrations and final sample animations of 2D, 3D, Flash, Claymation, Cut-Out animation. It is also accompanied with a DVD demonstrating the principles and concepts from the book.

Tony White is well placed to write such a book. He started out studying with Ken Harris, Art Babbit and Richard Williams and went on work for Halas and Batchelor, Richard Williams Animation and Animus Productions. Over the years he has won various awards for films and commercials.

In 2005 he founded a non profit organisation The Animaticus Foundation is dedicated to the preserving, teaching and evolving the artform of 2D animation in a digital world.

Tony White's channel on Youtube

Tony White Biography

Paperback: 512 pages
Publisher: Focal Press (12 Jun 2009)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0240810333
ISBN-13: 978-0240810331

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