Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Muybridge and anatomy at the Hayward

Mark Wallinger's exhibition The Russian Linesman "Frontiers, Borders and Thresholds" at the Hayward Gallery contains a selection of 8 Edweard Muybridge photographs from his Animal Locomotion series.

The examples include the classic Bird in flight and some more obscure pieces such as Man performing acrobatics and Man performing contortions (part 1 and part 2). Although I've seen these in books there's always something special about seeing them hanging up on the wall.

For an animator I found some other items of interest such as Foley Artist Tacita Dean's massive dubbing cue sheet shows the relationships between sound, voice and image.

There are also many examples of anatomy in the form of statues and paintings. Smugglerius shows the muscle structure of a man, it was made in a rather macabre way, being cast directly from a skinned/executed smuggler. Dying Gaul is another example of anatomy in the form of a full sized sculpture and George stubs contributes with a human skeleton.

A couple more things of note were the sterographic pictures and Albrecht Durer's illustrations of perspective machines.

I know that Mark Wallinger was trying to put across a point about thresholds and boundries of different forms but for me it was a good resource of interesting material.

Finally and for me one of the main reason's for the visit was Robert Hooke's Flea

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