Friday, October 10, 2008

Eager Beaver

A very Eager Beaver
Eager Beaver was the PSTOIC entry for the Great STOIC Bodge 2000

What is the Great STOIC Bodge?

The Great STOIC Bodge 2000 is a competition devised by STOIC to interest people in the process of video making.
The rules, as far as we could tell were as follows:

  • Single camera
  • No editing other than in camera
  • 50 minutes time limit
  • Finished piece approx 2 to 5 minutes long
  • Audio Dub Available

The PSTOIC entry was "Eager Beaver" a video comic based on the story of Ian Carney and Woodrow Phoenix from Slab-O-Concrete. The technique was one developped by Carl Fairhurst and Andy Clark whilst at STOIC in the 1990s. Basically it's a story book filmed and voiced over with some minimal animation. The same technique has subsequently been used with a book called "The bear at the huntsman's ball".

The Cast
  • Beaver : Olivier Crepin Le-Blond
  • Clem Clam : Andy Clark
  • Mrs Clam : Janette Wickham
  • Narator : Rex Wickham
  • Public Safety Anouncers : Andy, Rex
  • John Lenon : Rex
  • Singing Angel : Janette
  • Other Beatles : Andy, Olivier, Janette
  • Lighting : Fluorescent Tube Company
  • Sound Effects : Wickham and Wife Ltd
  • Catering : Union Bar and Burger King
  • Set : STOIC Studio
Sound Track
  • Caught in a Trap
  • We all live in a Yellow Submarine
  • And the title tune "Eager, Eager, Eager, Beaver"

Unfortunately the film is believed to be lost shortly after it was made (the book can still be ordered from all good suppliers)

John Kricfalusi has recently analysed the composition of an older (and completely different) version of the film Eager Beaver produced by Chuck Jones

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