Monday, July 28, 2008

Soho Shorts

The Soho Short film festival started this weekend, there's still a chance to see some animation tomorrow and Wedneday.

Tuesday 29th, 10am, Curzon Soho
Tuesday 29th, 3pm, VMI
Wednesday 30th, 4pm, Crown & Two Chairmen

This years animated short films were:

Johnny Kelly
Royal College Of Art
A hands-on, gloves-off study into the practice of putting things off.

Sony Bravia – Play Doh
Frank Budgen & Darren Walsh
Plasticine bunnies take over New York.

Flat Earth
Thomson & Craighead
Goat Media Ltd
A journey round the world through the eyes of bloggers.

Userguides No.10: Administering First Aid
Richard Fenwick
An ill-advised trip to the first-aid office.

Untitled (Wypke)
W Jannette Walen
About a girl in a room, and the experience of a minute.

Rob Wicksteed
Solent University
A conservative suburbanite struggles with the presence of an unwanted visitor.

The Accident
Sara Nesteruk
Black Watch Productions
A childhood memory is presented in a number of ways.

Headcases: Geriatric Action
Henry Naylor
Red Vision
Geriatric action heroes take on an evil marriage factory.

Jo Lawrence
Picasso Pictures
A story about the "radium girls" of the 1920s clock-dial factories.

The Electric Koi
Sam Lanyon Jones & Andrew Cope
Picasso Pictures
A young girl learns a lesson about loyalty and betrayal.

Matthew Walker
Arthur Cox
A man makes a phone call – and he answers.

Stand Up
Joseph Pierce
National Film And Television School
The truth behind a comedian’s jokes leaks through.

John and Karen
Matthew Walker
Arthur Cox
John the polar bear apologises to Karen the penguin after an argument.

Adel Kerpely &Jihyun Ahn
A fat man eats up everything around him. By the time he stops, it is too late.

Let Me In
Simon Tofield
Tandem Films
A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors.

The Weatherman
Will Becher
Seven Animation
When his forecasting machine malfunctions, a weatherman’s life takes a dark turn.

The Red Suitcase
Saul Freed
Black Watch Prod.
A knitted newcomer unsettles the peace of a small town.

Ed Suckling
Royal College Of Art
Sam finds a badly beaten woman outside his flat.

Where The Wild Things Are
Eddie Fett
Black Milk
Close your eyes and you might see where the wild things are.

Sun In The Night Time
Anne Wilkins
A mother waits for her lost son to return. Her daughter plays with an imaginary friend.

LK Dhaliwal
The true story of one woman’s struggle to gain asylum in the UK.

Amy Engles
Nora Productions
An android’s search for freedom leads her on a lonely journey to a new future.

The Control Master
Run Wrake
Sclah Films
In a peaceful half-tone city a heroine and her ally face the ultimate threat.

Josie’s La La Land
Eb Hu
A dying girl’s last words.

How To Destroy The World: Computer Games
Pete Bishop
The Shop/a and p
Four ways to destroy the world faster

The rest of the programme at can been see at:

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