Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Carrara 6.2 and NLA

There's an upgrade to Carrara out today and there's plenty of good bug fixes but some that I'm specifically interested in related to the Non Linear Animation.

  • Simplified NLA clip/pose display and manipulation
  • Improved auto blending between clips and pose in NLA tracks
  • NLA Bounding Box no longer separates from object during playback.
  • NLA, Offset relative to previous clip Translate values is now correct.
  • NLA tracks no longer go invisible when you create a Master Pose and reappear when you change selection

I believe that these will resolve the issue I was seeing when trying to figure out how to create the offsets when writing my Carrara NLA Tutorial.

One of the reasons Daz have created this update is so that their new product Mimic Pro for Carrara will work, this is currently discounted by 30% for the next few weeks. This is a good price for people who don't have Mimic but there is currently no economical upgrade path for those using both Mimic Pro and Carrara.

My tips for using Mimic will mostly become obsolete when using Mimic embedded into Carrara as the majority of these revolve around the import/export processes.