Wednesday, October 17, 2007

London Film Festival

The London Film Festival Started today and has a promising line up of animation including some distinctly grown up films such as "Persepolis" directed by Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Parronaud. Persepolis has been nominated for the Sutherland Trophy for the Most origional and imaginative first feature. Also showing is "Lucidi Folli" an erotic black and white animation which is Ursula Ferrara's debut film from 1986. I'm glad that the festival has chosen to recognise animation as something more than films for kids. Ursula's 1999 film "Five Rooms" is also showing.

Here's the details of all the animated films on during the festival:

Animated Shorts for Younger Audiences
Sat 27 Oct 16:00, NFT2

The Bee Movie (USA 2007)
A gala special screening.
Sun 28 Oct 15:30, Odeon West End 2

Five Rooms (Italy 1999) and We Want Roses Too (Italy-Switzerland 2007)
Fri 19 Oct 14:00, NFT3
Sat 20 Oct 15:45, NFT2

Lucidi Folli (Italy 1986)
Mon 22 Oct 18:30, Odeon West End 2
Tue 23 Oct 16:00, Odeon West End 1

Max & Co (Switzerland-Belgium-France-UK 2007)
Sat 20 Oct 14:00, NFT3

Persepolis (France 2007)
Mon 29 Oct 21:00, Odeon West End 1
Wed 31 Oct 15:00, Odeon West End 2

International Animation Panorama
Sat 20 Oct 13:45, NFT2
Mon 22 Oct 14:00, NFT3

The Thread of Life (Syria 2006)
Sat 20 Oct 19:30, BFI Southbank Studio
Mon 22 Oct 13:45, NFT2

Vexille (Japan 2007)
Sat 20 Oct 23:30, Odeon West End 1
Sun 21 Oct 16:15, ICA Cinema

Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox
Sat 20 Oct 15:30, Odeon West End 1
Tue 23 Oct 12:00, NFT2

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