Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Whilst experimenting with web pages and blogs I got thinking about a colour theme for the flea film. Colour allows you to set a mood and provides continuity between the scenes and elements.

For the circus aspects I need some bright colours to match the fun theme but on a flip side I want a darker aspect to the film to reflect the fate of the performers and perhaps and element to set the period of Victoriana. The HP flea circus advert has this darker look but to a greater extreme that I want to.

So I'm reading up on the subject, a back edition 78 of 3D World has a series of articles on the subject and the book Digital Lighting and Rendering is also helping. (this is my second copy as the first got "lost" in a hotel in Denmark)

Red and Gold are going to be good colours to use like this example but perhaps more lighter colours too as this is a little imposing and dreary.
Other factors to consider are the continuation of the colour theme between the full size world of the Flea Ring Master and the miniature world of the flea circus.

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