Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Postman Pat not to be dubbed in the USA

Postman Pat has been shown in over 100 countries and dubbed into many languages including Dutch, Gaelic and Catalan. Pat's proved that he's not a member of the "Yakuza", a Japanese gang famous for only having 3 fingers, by being shown on Disney TV in Japan, dubbed into Japanese.

Now Pat's finally made it onto the free networks and digital channels via Qubo a network specialising in children's television. The show will be show in it's origional format, uncut and not dubbed. The brand management company Entertainment Rights are looking forward to being able to promote the programmes and associated merchandise such as the Postman Pat Magazine and Postman Pat Toys.

The first series of the show was animated by Ivor Wood who is also famous for Padington, The Wombles, The Magic Roundabout, Charlie Chalk and the Herbs. Now the show is made by Cosgrove Hall the people responsible for Chorlton and the Wheelies, Dangermouse, Noddy, Engie Benji and Fifi.

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