Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tiz Hamster Mr Fawlty

File Hamster is a new product from Mogware that allows you to manage version and revisions of your files.

Once the hamster has been setup to monitor a folder, all files modified in that folder are backed up and you can add an optional note. For systems such as Poser or Carrara which can store files in a text format there is the ability to turn on compression of these files. (Poser does have native compression but this can stop it working with other 3rd party tools). At any time you can go back and edit an older copy to make a new copy so you don't need to restore files as such. FileHamster is a workstation and user based solution so is not a tool for collaboration between users. Perhaps one of the Microsoft offerings such as team services or sharepoint would be more appropriate if you are looking for a team tool? File versions are stored as files so it should be fully compliant with your backup or networking solutions, check with Mogware if you have specific compatibility needs.

Based on the .Net 2.0 framework it runs on Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Vista.

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