Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Animated Oscars

At this weekends Oscars the Queen was the film in all of the papers, but the one I wanted to know about was Best Animated film. This award went to "Happy Feet" which is not surprising seen as though most people in the USA have been to see the film's stunning visuals and joyful song.

The Animated Short Film award went to the "Danish Poet". This Norwegian film has already won several awards in Aspen, Madrid, New York and Toronto and has appeared in over 30 film and animation festivals.

Kaspar the poet from Denmark takes a vacation to Norway to seek inspiration. In the process of the trip Kaspar has a series of seemingly unrelated mishaps which perhaps all add up to the true meaning of life? The style of the film is very distinctive with hand drawn and digitally coloured foreground with oil painted skys. Although you can't watch the whole 14 minute film online the film's website is very impressive with plenty of clips, interviews with the Director, desktop wallpapers and even a study guide. The link to buy the film from the National Film Board of Canada was not working for international purchases at the time of writing.

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