Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Digital SLR Cameras

There's a review of some DSLR cameras in the November 2008 PCPro with the Sony Alpha A200 comming out tops and making it onto their A-List. The interesting thing for me was that the price of some of these is less than I paid for my Olympus 5050Z a few years back. At this price having a DSLR would be be a plausable upgrade path for my Olympus for making stop motion films with a digital still camera. As well as this advantage there are several others such as significantly longer battery life, better shooting in low light.

Some of the Sony A200's significant features for the animator are the presets for Exposure and White balance (and the ability to set that based on colour temperatores), the optional wired remote and EXIF support. You need to be careful that your animation software or video editing software supports the camera and these higher resolutions as some software is charges a premium for HD support. I don't seem to be able to locate any information about software remote control of this camera.

There is a more detailed report on the Sony Alpha at Imaging Resources and English Manual is available on the Sony FTP site.

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