Monday, April 23, 2007

Today is....

1) St George's Day
2) 25th Anniversary of the Zx Spectrum

When I noticed it was St Georges day, I thought I'd track down a list of all of the St George and Dragon films and a fee related items that I remembered from being a child. I was trying to remember if I'd seen something on Ray Harryhausen's early years DVD or not?

The Reluctant Dragon

George and the Dragon (2004)

St George and the Dragon (in Production)

Dragon's Lair (the video disk game)

Jane and the Dragon (a new animated series that's shown on Channel 5)

Given that it was really the ZxSpectrum computer that first got me into animation I thought I'd have to mention that it was it's 25th anniversary. Many hours were spent with graph paper and a HP pencil designing walk cycles for the game that was writing at the time "American Penguin in London" and then renamed to "King Penguin". It was inspired by American Werewolf in London and a game called Renegade by Ocean.

World of Spectrum

Retro Trader

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