Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Resolutions for Animators

Here's some New Years resolutions for me, but they could apply to any animator.

1) Do better backups
This one was due to loosing some critical files from the computer over the holidays.

2) Experiment with different styles
So far I've only really made stop motion and model based CGI films and the results are beginning to look a bit similar. I think it would benefit all of my projects to make at least one short film in a completely different style. I'm thinking of changing my origional idea of animating Captain Correct in 3D and instead do that as 2D using Anime Studio (another Christmas present)

3) Sketch more
I've got a small notepad as part of my Christmas present and a short pencil from Ikea. My aim is to sketch out more of my ideas when I have them rather than waiting till I get back to the office.

4) Training
Last year I looked at the courses in London's St Martin's College. Although I probably won't have time or money to attend one of those, I do intend to get some online training and run through some more tutorials in all those books I've read.

5) Finally finish project
The Flea Circus Film has been work in progress for a couple of years now. Its time I knucked down to some serious weekend and evening grafting to get this completed.

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